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Our 100% Solar powered vending machines will be available in mid to late 2022

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have the latest green tech for your business 

$1,000 down 

Total for 1 vending machine $12,000

(Early bird special) 3 machines for $30,000

Untitled 3.png
  • 100% solar powered

  • 2 week long reserve battery 

  • Patent pending

  • Contactless payment 

  • Software tracks inventory IR

  • Environmentally friendly design

The H-power vending machine is the perfect infrastructure that can add value to any new smart city. It's sleek, low profile design blends in with the surrounding environment without completely disappearing from consumers. We strive to replace concession stands, antiquated vending machines, water fountains as the perfect clean, green energy efficient option 

Schools, Waterfront, Parks, retail space and concerts have a need for such a useful item, not only does it provide guest with cold beverages but it's operates completely independent from the power grid. This wonderful aspect of H-power can positively impact cost by providing income and reducing the overall expenses of the facility. 

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