Frequently asked questions

How did you come up with this idea?

Everyone realizes the problem plastic pollution brings to our shores. We decided to be part of the solution. We spoke with environmentalists at Busch Wildlife and other local environmentalists and the consensus was to offer alternatives to single use plastic.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is the most environmentally friendly option for single-use products. Our cans are made of 70% recycled aluminum and are infinitely recyclable. If thrown in the trash, cans are still recycled by most waste facilities. A can placed in a recycling bin will be back on stores shelves within 60 days.

Is plastic really that bad?

Most plastic ends up in landfills. Some is recycled and some ends up in the ocean. Most plastic is not recycled by waste facilities. When it is recycled, it doesn't help the environment. The processing gives off harmful gasses and chemical byproducts. Also, it is down-cycled, which means the bottles are used to create a lower quality plastic.

Where is your water sourced?

We source and can our water in multiple areas and use a proprietary filtering system. Our water travels through the Florida Aquifer to public pipes and to our facilities in Miami, Tampa, North Palm Beach and Vero Beach where it is filter by a blend of UV, carbon and RO filters. We aim to get the best mix of mineral and taste.

What are you doing to be green?

We do our best to limit plastic use, we invest in solar power, we don't use pesticides or fertilizers on our lawn, we recycle, we compost, shop locally and sustainably, grow fruits and vegetables on-site, build some of our own furniture, participate in bi-weekly beach cleanups, offer E6PR packaging, plant native vegetation and donate to ocean causes.