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Why Stake With Us?

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 We strive for sustainability in every step of our business.  Solar energy, local sourcing, composting, recycling, beach clean-ups and refraining from pesticides are just some of our practices. 


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We leverage Amazon Web Services and a dedicated in-house employee to ensure 99% uptime and timely emergency maintenance.  Decentralization is a goal we can obtain together.



We believe that staking to a pool should not be cost prohibitive. This is why we kept our fees to the minimum and we only have a 2% fee per epoch in order to maximize rewards for both the people staking with us, and for our mission for sustainable water

Competitive Rates

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We chose to partner with Cardano due to its sustainability vs. Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano uses 1.6 million times less energy per transaction than Bitcoin. It is also much faster and geared toward empowering the unbanked and changing the world for the better.​
We have also agreed to not only accept, but also promote payment through the ADA cryptocurrency.​

Cardano's Mission

Ready To Stake For Sustainability?